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Watergaw Ceramics home is in the former Methodist Church in Whitehills. I am the resident designer/maker, my name is Fiona Duckett and this is where I create my iridescent ceramics, all glazed with a unique glaze called 'In Glaze Reduction Lustre'.

The Pottery has a shop and we are normally open from 10am to 5pm Tuesday to Saturday. In 2024 the shop will be shut during January - I will still be working away just not with normal opening hours and you are welcome to make an appointment. We will go back to normal hours from Tuesday 20th February 2024

Through my website I aim to give you a feel of the range of products that I design and make at Watergaw Ceramics in Whitehills. There will be more to follow, technical glitches both of the making and publishing on line not withstanding!

When you are making In Glaze Reduction Lustre ware you are said to be chasing the rainbow - trying to capture all the colours of the rainbow in your glazes. Watergaw is ancient scot for a partial or incomplete rainbow and when I came across the word in a poem by Hugh McDiarmid called 'After the Watergaw' - I knew this was the name for my pottery. Follow the link to read the poem - if you are interested! www.poetryfoundation.org/poems/46792/the-watergaw

A little bit of background information

My making journey started really young when my Granny Mac taught me to crochet before I was 5 - I featured in a film about creativity in primary schools but thankfully (or sadly) this does not exist anymore! Before Clay (BC) I would have said I was definitely a textile person - sewing, knitting, crochet, and tapestry, but when I sat on a potter's wheel for the first time and made a pot I was hooked! I worked for two different potters in St Andrews - George Young and then Anne Lightwood. Anne encouraged me to go to University as a mature student and a Degree ( BDes(hons) at DJCAD) and a Masters (MA at Grays RGU Aberdeen) later I established Watergaw Ceramics in 2000 opening my shop and pottery in the Old Methodist Church in 2003 - quite a journey!

A little bit more about In Glaze Lustre

There are 3 types of Lustre glazes, Clay paste, resin and 'In Glaze' reduction Lustre which was developed over 2000 years ago to get around a religious ban on eating off Gold plates - the potters at the time were asked to develop a glaze that would mimic gold! All of them use metal salts to create the lustrous effect but have very different ways of applying and firing.

NEOS 2024

The dates for NEOS 2024 are 7th - 15th September which is earlier than normal so put it in your diaries now! Watergaw Ceramics will once again be taking part and hopefully there will be more than just myself Fiona Duckett the resident potter for you to see, but I will keep you informed!

In Glaze lustre secrets

One of the most fascinating things about 'In Glaze Reduction Lustre' is that Silver is put in to the glazes to get gold - it's almost alchemy! Other metals are also added to get other colours but Bismuth is the one that helps with the iridescence.

Your feedback

It's truly special to create pieces that other people love. Press on the camera icon to take you to the gallery of some of our customers photos showing their treasured Watergaw Ceramics pieces in their new homes, please feel free to send yours using Contact Us. Thank you


The Gallery contains images of Ceramics that have been made at Watergaw - the 'In Glaze Reduction Lustre' journey is endless. 27 years down the road the search for a rich dark purple and a fabulous dark green goes on. I get more amazing coppers, and blues and make fantastic friends along the way as I discuss what is still very much a dark art with anyone who will listen and share knowledge! If you see something you fancy then contact me and I can send you the most up to date images I have for the piece that intrigues you. For a larger view please click on the image - I do hope you enjoy!

Single Lustre Pieces

Single Lustre Pieces

All the pieces that you see here are glazed with just one of my lustre glazes. The tiny single lustre bowls - when they ...

Multi Lustre Ceramics

Multi Lustre Ceramics

This Album contains pieces with more than one of my 'In Glaze Reduction Lustre' glazes on them. I started making these i...

Porcelain Pieces

Porcelain Pieces

Most of my work is created using White Earthenware as colour response is much better on a white surface - think of paint...

Tube Lined Multi Lustre

Tube Lined Multi Lustre

The 'In Glaze Reduction Lustre' glazes that I have developed over the last 25 years are very fluid - which I love and ex...



I never expected to make jewellery when I started my potting life as Watergaw Ceramics, but my 'In Glaze Reduction Lustr...

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If you would like to know more about what we do and our creations then please contact us. We are always delighted to hear from you.

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