Porcelain Pieces

Most of my work is created using White Earthenware as colour response is much better on a white surface - think of painting a watercolour on a brown paper bag - not nearly as good as on a lovely piece of white watercolour paper, and so it is with glazes. The colour of the clay underneath affects the end result. I wanted to create pieces that were unglazed and so started experimenting with porcelain clay - the bowls in this album are hand built but formed on a thrown shape - I love the dynamics of the square shape on a lovely circular bowl - I hope you do too. Although most of my work is about water, these lovely plants have just crept in - the originals were pressed into clay that was then fired and I now use the moulds to create the bowls. Whilst I was at Duncan of Jordanstone I created a series of seed pods in raku these have been revisited in porcelain clay with my 'in glaze reduction lustre' glazes on the inside - they are constructed from thrown pieces.

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